Profile of Energetic, Caring and Animal-loving Woman

Profile of Energetic, Caring and Animal-loving Woman

Want to emphasize multiple skills about your self? Combine aspects that are personal through one-line stories like:

“I’d juggle burning bowling pins with one hand behind my straight straight straight back while riding a unicycle to improve cash to cure your sick golden retriever. ”

Adventurous Traveler Profile

You like to travel the global globe and you also desire to date a person who would like similar?

Great! Don’t compose the typical, “…and I like to visit. Everyone loves Australia. I’ve been here 10 times. ”

Alternatively take to, “I once hand-glided over Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne, Australia dressed up in my Superwoman costume. ”

Goofy, adventurous globe tourist! Yes!

Then you’re their type of woman and YES they WILL contact you if you want to meet men who appreciate a woman with a sense of humor who wish to travel the world.

Don’t Tell… Instead Show

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